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My name is Tina Diamond, I'm an avid book reader. I love to review books from my favorite mystery, cozy mystery,  suspense,thriller women's and straight fiction genres. I have read books all my life. I have a great love and passion for them, they are an escape from the ordinary for me and are always there when I need them. I am by no means a published author yet but that is what i'm striving for.

 My other goal with this blog besides the reviews and giveaways is to also so my love and passion for writing by bringing you blog posts by myself giving you my writing book recommendations, help with writing motivation, sharing writing quotes, my process, my writing advice and also guest posts from authors.

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  1. I have a Feb release, Dead Man Walker, with Berkley Prime Crime. It is a novella, an eRead only and the 4th book in my Consignment Shop Mysteries.
    It is also the lead in book to book 5 in the series, Demise in Denim out in April in mass-market (and eRead).
    I would like to have Berkley Prime Crime send you a copy of both books for review.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Duffy Brown

    here is an excerpt from Dead Man Walker.

    “This is circumstantial evidence,” I said to Reagan as we stood on the sidewalk outside my house. “The police have to see that someone’s setting me up to cover their own butt.”
    “It’s your butt that needs covering, Walker Boone,” Reagan offered. “The police found your .38 and it matches the bullet that killed Conway. The cops are on their way. You got to get out of here right now.”
    I looked at my red ‘57 Chevy convertible parked at the curb. “Might as well put a target on my back driving this thing.”
    Reagan shoved her helmet at me. “Take Princess.”
    “A scooter? You want me to ride a pink scooter named Princess?”
    “Better than that being your nickname in the big house.”



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