Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blog and Writing Update

I'm wanting to finish my book for Nanowrimo which is fast approaching. There will be less review/giveaways (we are still having a few) and more spotlights and guest posts and Writing Wednesdays featuring my journey with Nanowrimo for April.

 Right now, finishing my first in a series mystery is first on my priority list since my end goal is to self-publish and you, my followers can purchase and leave a great review on amazon (Just kidding) Please be as honest as you can if you do purchase and I will be giving away free copies for honest review's also. (More about that when the time comes)

 Thank you for understanding.

 If your a writer, comment below if you are participating in Camp Nanowrimo (you can pick your own word goal and there's other options also). Here's a link to the website to Check it out and sign up


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